Grinnell College

Early in 2012 Grinnell College initiated an update to their 2001 Student Housing Plan. As an outcome of that earlier plan, the College constructed four new residence halls now known as the East Campus Halls and renovated unused dining hall space in Cowles Hall into student residences. The 2001 Plan had also put forth a series of recommendations to renovate and upgrade the whole of the College’s housing stock and the focus of this update was to re-visit those concepts and to either validate or revise them.

The planning approach relies on three strategies to advance the programmatic goals for student residences. The first, new construction, will offer the opportunity to introduce new or improved unit configurations. The second, infill additions, will join pairs of existing buildings to create needed social space and accessible circulation systems without being unduly disruptive to existing structure or bed counts. The third, internal renovations, will also provide accessible circulation, added social space and varied unit offerings to the larger existing halls.