University of North Carolina Chapel Hill – Ram Village Student Apartments

Ram Village represents a re-positioning of student housing for UNC – Chapel Hill. Historically upper division students selected to live in traditional residence halls on the North campus. Located in the heart of the academic campus, those buildings offer corridor-style halls in charming, small-scaled structures and, from the perspective of Residential Life, are ideal for the engagement of entering students. By creating a village of apartment style units on the South Campus, the University offered Juniors and Seniors a high amenity complex targeted to their desires for increased independence, while still maintaining their engagement with the university culture.

Both the planning and programming of this large residential project required an engaging and iterative process for the University and the design team. Stegman + Associates led the programming effort for lead architects Sasaki Associates, from goal setting to unit development and testing of site capacities with the lead architects. The resulting project and program offer older students greater autonomy and privacy through apartment living but maintain adequate common spaces to ensure that the benefits of campus and community engagement are not sacrificed.