Rounder Records Headquarters Burlington, Massachusetts

Rounder Records, the pre-eminent label for Bluegrass and Roots Music representing artists as diverse as Robert Plant, Alison Krause and Mr. Banjo, decided to renovate a 30,000 square foot “spec” office building into a new corporate headquarters. The space included 20,000 square feet for offices/workstations, conference rooms, media library, and community kitchens plus a 10,000 square foot warehouse.  The design goal was to bring a signature character to the existing non-descript interior, and represent the company’s historic roots while creating an open, communicative work environment.  Inspired by the 1913 Picasso collage “Guitare, journal, verre et bouteille” (Guitar, Newspaper, Glass and Bottle), the central areas took their plan form from musical instruments: a fragmented Guitar on the first floor and a Banjo on the second floor. Materials and forms suggest the agrarian roots of the music with corrugated metal, and refined expressions of barn boards and corn cribbing. Interconnectedness and day-lighting were achieved through fragmented forms and translucent materials, which transfers light and movement of people through to the core spaces.