Dickinson College Quality of student life planning study, Housing Renewal Plan + Selected Renovations

Dickinson College first engaged Stegman+Associates and Campus Sports partner Sgarzi Associates in 2010 to examine all aspects of student life including campus housing, recreational sports and athletics, and alterations and expansion to the campus center. The eight month study resulted in both broad and specific recommendations to enhance the student experience.

Planning for campus housing included analyzing all residence halls for modest to extensive renovation or divestment and planning for new halls within the context of a “neighborhood-based” housing strategy. Most residence halls are slated to receive some level of alteration in this long-range plan.

Campus sports facilities and campus center were also evaluated for program deficiencies. As a result of the study, these will be upgraded through expansions to existing facilities and construction of new buildings and field space.

The vision for a renewed Holland Union Building (HUB) incorporates strategically placed additions, which give the building a new image while adding valuable program space to encourage meeting and interchange between all members of the campus community.

Following this initial study, Stegman+Associates was hired to develop a detailed Housing Renewal Plan. The firm has now completed renovations to Adams and Kisner – Woodward Halls, and to 21 units in the Denny Apartments. It has also been retained to work with Deborah Berke Partners on a new residence hall for 150 students.